The Virtual S.T.Y.L.E. Academy
Discover YOUR Signature S.T.Y.L.E.

A deep-dive, detailed, 12-week program with live laser-coaching
to transform you and your wardrobe from the inside out
and reveal the divine MASTERPIECE that is THE TRUE YOU.

It’s time to express your one-of-a-kind essence and finally
create a wardrobe that lets your true brilliance shine…



You didn’t land here by chance.

I see you, Beautiful Soul, and I know you are seeking…

  • liana-chaouli-client-2A way to express your one-of-a-kind essence and honor the MASTERPIECE that you already are without being frustrated every time you open your closet.
  • The very best direction to dress yourself well. You empty your closet, pile up clothes on your bed to the ceiling, and you still stand there naked with nothing to wear.
  • The courage to wear the vibrant colors you love but avoid, because you have no idea how to pick the right ones, or you feel really self conscious, so you settle for your little black dress every time, because it’s just… easier.
  • More confidence and power to show up as the best version of YOU no matter where you go.
  • The language and framework to find the clothes the make you look and feel fabulous. Should you reach for a pleat, chiffon, or a paisley?
  • A new love of shopping… because right now when you try, there’s nothing in your size, nothing fits right, you end up hating your look, your size and your style. Is shopping a disappointing, deflating waste of your time?
  • Evidence that it’s possible to look amazing and be comfortable at the same time!
  • PROVEN strategies for dressing exquisitely. You want a system that works for YOU! An effortless way to apply your style knowledge on a daily basis whether you’re getting dressed, shopping, or packing for a trip.

Are you tired of looking for your unique style in a new trend, a new size, a new store? Tired of wanting to look like your friend, or dress like that woman in House of Cards?

Your S.T.Y.L.E. answers are here, inside the Academy, and the time for you is NOW.

Why? you may ask.

Because every day when you step outside… something is missing.

Without addressing the inner work that’s holding you back from your true magnificence, you’re leaving your dignity, as well as your divinity, at the door.

Which is why I don’t want you to waste another minute wrestling your wardrobe.

I serve women like you who are ready to show your truly authentic MASTERPIECE to the world.

It’s time, beautiful soul, to let yourself be seen and witnessed by others.
It’s time to reveal your MASTERPIECE and I’m ready to support you.

Sound good? Keep reading…

Why I Care About Signature S.T.Y.L.E. and What is Possible For You…

liana-smiling-redLook, you and I have spent enough time feeling overwhelmed, trapped, and stuck in our own style or the lack thereof. It’s time to stop hiding and own your greatness.

Consider me your partner in embracing your MASTERPIECE and feeling better than you’ve ever felt about yourself! As your personal image therapist and style sage, I’m committed to meeting you exactly where you are, teaching you what’s possible, so you can learn exactly what you need to reveal your MASTERPIECE.

The Virtual S.T.Y.L.E. Academy is my signature system developed through 30 years of doing this work with men and women.

I live and breathe this work – my vision is for EVERY person to be empowered every time they wake up in the morning.

Too many women walk into a store and feel robbed of their joy, their self-esteem, and their dignity.

In just a moment’s time, the cold words of a sales clerk in a store, or a well-meaning friend or family member can really cut deeply. These moments of judgement become imprinted in our bodies and we collapse into what feels like a puddle of nothing, because we feel small and unseen.

That’s where you and I meet, my mission was born out of these moments…

I am determined to support you in TRANSFORMING your self-belief into solid self-esteem through your choice of clothing.

Your closet is a tool box. Learn to stock it with tools which sustain your brilliance in the world.

My purpose and my passion is to teach women how to choose clothes that flatter their bodies and make them feel WORTHY, beautiful and sexy.

I believe wholeheartedly that every client that enters my world is a dignified, graceful, intelligent woman ready to claim her crown.

Our clothing is our second skin. Sadly, most of us use clothing to hide rather than letting them bring out the best of who we are.


You can learn to appreciate your beautiful MASTERPIECE, connect to your deepest desires and unveil your true spirit. You can start right now. There’s nothing that needs to fall into place first and…

There’s nothing you need to change about yourself.

You don’t need to lose weight, you don’t need a better job, or a better lover.

It’s time to go within, shift your beliefs, let go of the old stories you’ve been telling yourself, and discover how to source your style in a way that feels AMAZING!

I invite you to discover for yourself how to let your true brilliance shine!

Here’s what others from all over the world are saying about the Virtual S.T.Y.L.E. Academy:

Lisa Sasevich Shares Her Experience Working With Liana Chaouli

“Now I understand how to put it all together, and really work with the assets that God gave me, instead of against them.”

Liana has made such a profound impact on my life, and her systems touch me every single day when I have to select clothing and figure out what the image I want to portray is, whether it’s on TV, video, live events, or even going to pick up my kids at school.


“It’s Fun To Find Clothes That Honor Who I Really Am”

Liana is a style transformation expert helping women embrace their true natural beauty. She helped me find clothes that made me feel comfortable, because they are a match for who I really am.

I never was one to think that much about what I wore, but now it is fun to know how to find clothes that help me shine! I wouldn’t have believed it, but what you wear can change your life in the most deep and honoring way… This is NOT a superficial subject!

Karen Rohlf, Lowell, FL

“Thank You Liana For Helping Me To See Me!”

Jane Ransom Shares Her Transformation Through Working With Liana Chaouli


“It Will Change Your Perspective Of What You See In The Mirror Every Morning”

…the perfect way to begin to understand the power and depth of Liana Chaouli’s work.

It’s about so much more than clothes, it’s about helping those of us who have no training in this area to understand how we are perceived in the world and how we can show up more powerfully. It will change your perspective of what you see in the mirror every morning – in a very profound and positive way.

Robert MacPhee


“It’s Not About The Clothes, It’s About Shining Your Unique Light”

Liana takes wardrobe mastery to an entirely new level. It’s not about the clothes— it’s about you! She’s a wonderful gem full of new ways of looking at your closet. You receive tools to make changes that will not only have you look better with a wardrobe that works for your entire life, but you will receive the confidence to shine your unique light wherever you go.

Susan Thornton, Philadelphia, PA


What’s waiting for you inside the Virtual S.T.Y.L.E. Academy

We’ll bust through the myths when it comes to your wardrobe and unravel the stories you may be telling yourself about your own personal style and beauty.


The 5 Core Elements of Signature Style, my direct support through transformational Live Group Coaching, 12 weeks of training including 6 LIVE Video Laser Coaching Session, 5 Closet Cleanse Challenge Video trainings, 4 Life Event Master Trainings and brand-new bonuses!



  • Module 1:  Find the Hidden Jewels In Your Wardrobe.

Learn how to get rid of the clutter in your closet (all the things that DON’T work), while preserving the jewels! Get my strategies on how to go into your closet and quickly assess your current wardrobe and bring order. Start to feel empowered instead of stuck every time you look in your closet.

…So you can FINALLY have a closet full of clothes you LOVE AND know how to create so many new combinations!

Learn how to go shopping in your own closet and actually make it FUN!!!

In addition to these super-engaging Master Video Training modules that you can binge-watch in the privacy of your own home…


Join ME EVERY OTHER WEEK FOR A LIVE 90-minute interactive group coaching session:

  • Additional examples for discovering and displaying your particular and unique essence;
  • Elaboration of each Core Element and my support interpreting and applying YOUR insights;
  • Powerful laser-coaching on YOUR wardrobe and YOUR life;
  • Live opportunity to ask Liana your most personal and pressing questions;
  • Opportunity to submit your questions in advance, so even if you miss a live session, I can still answer your question personally and give you expert advice;
  • All sessions recorded for you and delivered straight to your inbox, in case you miss one, or want to listen again!
  • Powerful learning from others while experiencing live transformation in the coaching sessions…which often are applicable to everyone;
  • And so much more…


Weekly trainings, inspiration and insights to help you MASTER your MASTERPIECE, including:


From Monday morning with clothes piled high on your bed and nothing to wear… to Friday night heading out, looking and feeling fabulous… ‘shop’ your own closet for truly you outfits and release the clothes that are causing you pain.


Learn to make travel lighter and easier. Imagine everything you need in a 22-inch carry-on suitcase, and still feeling like you’re properly prepared. I’ll show you exactly what to pack, how to pack, and how much to pack, whether you’re traveling to the Caribbean in August, or Russia in the winter! Plus, I’ll take you inside my closet to show you my perfect packing system, so you can implement this approach on your very next trip!


No more “I have nothing to wear to this thing!” This master training shows you exactly how to start with what you already have and create the perfect outfit for date night or a special occasion! You’ll get visual examples of how to pair pieces in your closet in a really simple way and master the art of putting together that outfit for hitting the town that makes you look and feel amazing.


You have a big mission in the world, and when you look great on camera you make an even bigger impact. Get a special behind-the-scenes peek and what we do at Image Therapists International — hair, makeup, outfits, positioning and presence — to make sure I always look my best on camera, and how we help our VIP clients do the same.


Make the most of what you already have so you can claim YOUR crown and show up fully for everything the holiday season has to offer. Discover the simple tweaks to outfits you already have that will take you from the office to a holiday party. Learn how to be creative with your closet so you can transform a simple piece into a perfect (and perfectly comfortable!) holiday outfit without having to spend a fortune on new clothes.


Get my complete series of bite-sized, ultra-personal video reminders that encourage you to practice what you’re learning, implement the new ideas, and keep having fun!

Imagine a more Confident, Proud, Beautiful, Authentic YOU with all this mastery…


  • The 5 Core Elements of YOUR Signature Style
  • 12 weeks of training, insight and direction delivered straight to your inbox; an extensive catalogue of Liana’s STYLE videos, materials, resources, webinars, training posts and bonuses. Everything you need to learn how to uplevel your wardrobe for Casual Wear, Date Night, Formal Wear, Summer wear, Swimwear, Travel wear, Holiday party wear and so much more!
  • LIVE 90-minute group laser-coaching calls every other week: my eyes & ears on your wardrobe, your questions, your worries and wonders
  • A safe, supportive, compassion-filled space to explore your true magnificence
  • A 12-week, comprehensive, straight-from-my-heart-to-yours transformation to go from frustration with your wardrobe to adoring the divine MASTERPIECE that is THE TRUE YOU.



Of Course, There’s Even More!


For the first 10 PEOPLE to sign-up for VIRTUAL S.T.Y.L.E. ACADEMY Private 1:1 Style Booster Session with Liana Chaouli

Value: $997


  • Bonus #1: Keys to Discovering the Best Shoes for You Training
    In this training, I’ll share how to apply your Essential Style Formula to shoes. It’s not about loving the look, it’s about selecting beautiful shoes that align with your essence so they look AMAZING on you. Plus, I’ll cover common mistakes everyone makes. Just like with wardrobe – the wrong shoe can throw off the whole look. And I’ll introduce you to the comfort and magic of the fabulous heels designed by Taryn Rose!
    Value: $497.
  • Bonus #2: Uplevel YOU Accessories Training
    In this training, I’ll share how to apply your Essential Style Formula to accessories. All too often women pick accessories based on looking at them on someone else (yes, it could look wonderful on them because it is right for them – but that doesn’t mean it will look like that on you.) I’ll show you how to select beautiful accessories that create a gorgeous frame for the MASTERPIECE of YOU.
    Value: $497.
  • Bonus #3: Exclusive Access – Private S.T.Y.L.E. Facebook Group for Members Only
    Lifetime Access to the Private Facebook group, so you will be surrounded and encouraged by like minded men and women that are shining as brilliantly as you are and going through the process with you.
    Value: Priceless.

Are you ready to frame your MASTERPIECE, dress your essence and claim the crown that lets your true brilliance shine?


Are you ready to join me in my NEW, 90-DAYS of Interactive Image Therapy, Virtual S.T.Y.L.E. Academy?

Total Value of This Program Plus Bonuses: More than $6,000

Two Ways to Invest In the Virtual S.T.Y.L.E. Academy

One Time Payment
$3997 $1997


Pay by installments: 3 payments of $720


Do you have these Common Questions?

I’m here to answer them…

Like anything else, the results you experience are directly dependent on YOU. If you are willing to learn, to grow, and to become empowered, you will walk away from this experience transformed. The more you open up and the more effort you invest; the more you will get out of our time together.

Plus, remember my happiness guarantee? If you feel like the course doesn’t fulfill what we promised you by the end of Module 2, contact support for a refund.

client1May I be frank with you? Think about how much time you spend trying to figure out what to wear and buying clothes that you never wear. Your closet is empty, your bed is dressed, and you’re still standing there naked with no clue what to wear… how many times do you do that in one week?

This experience is about so much more than clothes! This is about guiding you to a new vision of who you are. Shopping and dressing will no longer be a source of stress, because every single morning when you open your closet, you’ll ONLY find clothes that make you look and feel fantastic!

Your closet will become a toolbox for that will support you in showing up authentically, everywhere you go. Best of all, you’ll recognize your inner beauty, and reflect it in your new, empowered clothing choices!

“Your No-Risk Happiness” Guarantee

You’re protected by my “happiness” money-back guarantee! If you feel like the course doesn’t fulfill what we promised you by the end of Module 2, contact support for a refund. I’ll happily return your investment minus 10% processing fee.

My invitation to you is to go through the full Virtual S.T.Y.L.E. Academy and receive the support of this amazing community to be empowered to show up in all your magnificence.


Are You Still Wondering If The Virtual S.T.Y.L.E. Academy is for You?

liana-squareAsk me any question about The Virtual S.T.Y.L.E. Academy and I’ll help you get clear so you know if it’s the right fit for you.

You are very important to us. Once you submit your question, a knowledgeable member of Image Therapists International team will contact you personally to provide answers about our program.

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