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In this training, you’ll discover your unique body architecture and how to select the right clothing that accentuates the beautiful masterpiece that you already are.

I will show you how to dress your assets, NOT hide your flaws. You will get to see firsthand some the of the common mistakes people make like trying to hide a flaw, and in turn accentuating it. Covering it up doesn’t make it go away, I’ll show you what to do instead!

On this complimentary training you:

  • The 6 main body architectures and what works best for each one. Plus, some the of the common mistakes people make when it comes to their unique body architecture.
  • The Golden Rule of body proportions. It’s the simplest system for dressing your body type and choosing pieces that work with your unique size and shape.
  • The 6 components that make up your the Essential Formula which is key to having your wardrobe come together and shine as you enter a room...(people will take notice of you and you will become even more memorable than you already are).
  • How to assess your unique body architecture to select clothing that is comfortable and makes you look and feel fantastic no matter what your shape or size!

Plus, you will get to see some of these transformations that happen within minutes, for yourself, and so much more!

I already know this about you: you are a beautiful masterpiece... and learning how to dress your body type is one of the first steps of defining your “style" and revealing your true essence to the world.

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