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Thank you for your generous donation to the Girl Scouts of Greater Atlanta!  I am pleased to offer you this video series as a special gift for your commitment to empowering girls everywhere!

YOUR "Essential Formula"™ 3 Part Video Training

Video 1: “Your ‘Essential Formula™’”

In this first video, you'll be introduced to your "Essential Formula" and the tangible and intangible pieces that make up the masterpiece that you are!

Video 2: “Your ‘Essential Formula™,’ Unveiled”

In this second video, you’ll learn how unveiling your “Essential Formula” in turn reveals your own inner beauty, which shows the world the masterpiece you really are! You’ll learn how to illuminate some of your most amazing qualities and traits –starting with your body’s unique structure.

Video 3: “Show Up In Harmony”

In this third video, you’ll learn how the process of Image Therapy helps you align your inner and outer selves, so they are in perfect harmony. When this happens, your authentic self shines! You’ll learn how your clothes can show up before you do, and how to make sure that your wardrobe is in perfect harmony with your “Essential Formula™,” so you’re always highlighting your authentic self.

“You Love the Outfit but Does It Love You?”
Online Virtual Academy

Step out into the world with confidence! Feel AMAZING in everything you do!

Your clothes should illuminate your inner beauty – so you can share it with the world! Want to learn how?  Enroll in “You Love the Outfit but Does It Love You?” Online Virtual Academy now.