3 Keys to Choosing YOUR Perfect Colors

3 Keys To Choosing Colors That Are Perfect FOR YOU!

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Hi! I’m Liana. I need you to know that my work goes deeper than helping women dress beautifully. In showing them how to choose clothes that suit them exquisitely, they come to realize that beauty is their birthright. With 30+ years’ experience as a custom clothing designer, color specialist, Master Couturier and Image Therapist, I get to empower, enrich and heal clients – one garment at a time. 

You are a masterpiece the world needs to see. You have a brilliance that deserves to shine through.  

Certain colors will make you look flat, others can make you look flawless!  

Do you know how to choose the colors you should be wearing?

Join Liana for this FREE Masterclass, and you will discover… 

The #1 Mistake people make when choosing their wardrobe colors and how to avoid it.

The crushing experience that propelled me to create the healing art of Image Therapy™.

What I’ve been teaching celebrities, speakers, professionals and stay-at-home moms for over 30 years. 

The 3 Simple Steps that determine which colors suit YOUR coloring and YOUR personality

Which colors are flat and which colors are flawless – but only for YOU

Why your black wardrobe is NOT your friend (even when it seems easy to simply wear black). 

The 5-Step Secret that unveils the masterpiece you are, so you show up best in the spotlight and at home.

“How wonderful to expand not only wardrobe COLORS but to EXPAND MYSELF…” 

Angela DePaoli

“It’s about SEEING YOU for the MASTERPIECE that you are.” 

Fabiola Beylouni 

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Lisa Sasevich